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US Iron HWA®

US Iron HWA®, used mainly as loose ballast or as aggregate for high density concrete, is a high quality, high specific gravity, and dense aggregate, eco-responsibly manufactured from natural Magnetite in the United States of America.

US Iron, LLC

US Iron, LLC supplies HWA® from owned Magnetite resources, ensuring long-term availability and consistent quality.
Available throughout the U.S. so there are no hurdles for you to overcome with product ordering and delivery. US Iron we are the miners, not a broker, of our products. It is our owned resource.

US Iron HWA® Product Uses

Depending on your specific application, you will find that US Iron HWA® can bring you different advantages such as:
• Increased weight and/or density
• Reduced volumes
• Reduced heat of hydration
• High submerged / saturated density
• High radiation shielding characteristics
• Space saving
• Noise and vibration dampening
• Thermal energy storage
• Fire Retardant
• Hazardous Waste Containment
• Trim out ships
• Platform stabilization

US Iron HWA® as an aggregate for heavy concrete

When you need heavy concrete with densities of up to 32.5 lbs., you can certainly use US Iron HWA®. The high density concrete can be produced and placed using standard equipment.
Well-known applications for heavy concrete are:
• Counterweights
• Concrete weight coating (pipe coating)
• Radiation shielding
• Coastal protection
• Anti-buoyancy elements
• Underwater concrete
• Tunnels

US Iron HWA® loose ballast applications

With its high density US Iron HWA® is often used as loose ballast. Typical applications are:
• Offshore platforms
• Windmill foundation
• Bridges
• Tanks (movable oil & gas)

Special applications for US Iron HWA®

Besides the above mentioned applications that use US Iron HWA® as loose ballast or to produce heavy concrete, there are numerous niche applications for US Iron HWA®:
US Iron, LLC supports innovation, partnering with universities to identify new products and application that can benefit from the unique properties of US Iron HWA® and contribute to old mining communities with eco-responsible manufacturing of waste products.

US Iron HWA® properties

All specifications for our iron oxide products vary due to customizing for different applications.
Fe (%)                             62.0 – 72.9
Fe3O4 (%)                      86 - 99
Specific gravity               4.6 - 5.3
Bulk density (t/m3)          2 – 5.3
The high density of US Iron HWA® results in a decreased volume for a given weight, or alternatively an increased weight per given volume, offering a better overall economy for specific projects.
• Particle density range: 4.6 – 5.3 t/m3
• Concrete density range: 200 – 325 lbs. pcf
• US Iron HWA® complies with requirements for aggregates to be used in concrete.

US Iron HWA® standard grades

US Iron HWA® is available in coarse and fine grades as well as mixtures of these grades and compliancy requirements. Top sizes for our dense product ranges from 0.5” to 1.5”. Each grade has a controlled particle size distribution and has been designed to ensure the heavy dense aggregate fits your application.
Contact US to request US Iron HWA® detailed data.

US Iron HWA® packaging

We can deliver US Iron HWA® in bulk or bags by:
• Ship
• Barge
• Container
• Train
• Individual truckload
We have three U.S. mines with storage facilities to supply you on-time and economically, all year-round, throughout the U.S. with the best quality US Iron HWA®.

US Iron HWA® mineral origin

US Iron HWA® is manufactured from the natural mineral Magnetite which is mined in our own group resources.

US Iron HWA® toxicology

The product is harmless to the environment, non-toxic in all its forms and sustainable materials. It can be recyclable after use.

Contact Us

Please contact us for detailed data on a single grade or further information on our US Iron HWA® product range. Call or email to discuss your needs for your next project.